Haigō combines shopping with entertainment,
fighting the ordinary with uncommon design objects
and unforgettable store experiences.

• ハイゴウ •
Haigō is a Japanese word identifying "the harmony among different elements"



Our story so far

June 2016


Build a design brand
out of an idea:
visit @haigo.space

April 2017

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Space & experience design and product curation:
watch the video

November 2017


Events to grow a community of rational dreamers:
join the Haigō Nights



Temporary store in chinatown
the 10% OF HAIGŌ


18th February - 24th December 2018

We opened a 60sqm store in n via Sarpi 52 to show our potential and squeeze our ideas, ambition and big masterplan into a small space.

The store was designed and realised internally, without the aid of any architect, decorator or construction company:
it's handcrafted by ourselves.

Visitors will find themselves immersed into 2 opposite and contrasting atmospheres.
The first one is minimal and refined, with dark tones, a soft and bouncy floor and low lights in, the pure physical representation of the Haigō brand.
The second ambience is made of cement and metal structures, a real construction site which represent our constant evolution and growth ambition.

Upstairs, the atmosphere changes again: lowlights and intense colours remind the visitor of the nights in Chinatown, our neighbourhood.

We thought that Chinatown was the perfect setting for Haigō: a unique area of Milan, with a strong character, to discover and explore, made of extreme contrasts, exactly like Haigō combines in its DNA multiple influences collected from all parts of the world.



haigō 100%
the masterplan

We want to open a concept store with an immersive atmosphere in an enclosing space to live and explore in first person.

Haigō combines shopping with entertainment:

  • A hideout from the outside world, where you can leave behind thoughts and to-do lists

  • Every time you visit, you have something more than when you came in

  • Each detail is finely tuned to create surprise and astonishment

Haigō is built on 3 pillars:

A unique store space designed to bring you in an unexplored dimension

  • Immersive and memorable space

  • Unique design objects: high quality, geometric shapes, simple materials

  • Books and magazines to feed your brain with inspiration

Haigō Products Sample.png

Bites and beverages decorate fulfilling conversations

  • A café/restaurant to complete the experience and extend the brand in a sector different from design

  • Some customers come for the Café and end up buying in the store, others come to buy at the store and end up getting a coffee

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 9.50.40 AM.png

Multiple purpose venue for weekly cultural events that create moments to live and remember

  • Art exhibitions

  • Live music

  • Conferences, workshops

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 9.52.22 AM.png



600+ sqm in central Milan.
We are actively scouting for the perfect location and currently have identified two potential ones.



HAIGŌ 100%

This town is changing and transforming like never before, now competing with the greatest European capitals, growing a worldwide influence on cultural trends.
Our team is made of proud Milanese citizens: we have high expectations from our city and we want to contribute to its majestic evolution.



let's MAKE IT happen

If you have connections, ideas or capital to contribute to the realisation of Haigō at 100%, get in touch: we will be happy to meet and discuss.


+39 366 137 0354