We design spaces, craft moods and produce emotions.

We create the “box” to convey your message and entertain people, whether they are B2C customers, B2B clients, visitors or friends.

We create memories through unique moments and unexpected details.
Our trained taste in the choice of shapes and materials is now available for your next project.




Art exhibitions, fair booths, products showcase and installations created to present your brand, products and services: we create refined moments of entertainment to leave a clear mark in the visitor’s mind.

Immersive and interactive installations, photo opportunities and pleasant atmospheres.


Igor Guskic

Milan Design Week 2018

Brief - Create an immersive exhibition for the original sculpture set of 5 faces in white clay named "Pensiero Materico" ("Material Thought"), by Igor Guskic.

Execution - Haigō curated the installation creating an immersive atmosphere with a few simple elements: 4 red neon lights, 5 stands of different height and a smoke machine.
Completing the experience, a musical track was produced by Theorem for the occasion: a 15 minutes downbeat techno composition.

The setup was developed to create an evocative ambience that enhances the statues’ expressions and encourages to explore them individually. The classical style of the statues and the geometric neon lights are contrasting while living in harmony at the same time. The still and dense fog transports the visitor into a parallel dimension.

Milan design week haigo exhibition design 4.jpg
Milan design week haigo exhibition design 10.jpg
Milan design week haigo exhibition design 6.jpg
Milan design week haigo exhibition design 3.jpg
Milan design week haigo exhibition design 9.jpg
Milan design week haigo exhibition design 8.jpg



Milan Design Week 2018

Brief - Create an immersive and simple installation for Milan Design Week 2018 to showcase the first high-end chandelier from Noon Furniture (Netherlands) and to present the firm Urban Roof Garden (UK), specialised in green architecture projects and green walls for interiors.

Execution – Concrete walls were covered in black cotton fabric to refine the ambience and remain unnoticed. The floor was covered in dried European conepine bark, creating an unexpected feeling when walking on it, releasing an intense smell of forest and generating a clear connection with nature and plants in the visitor’s mind.

The green wall was designed to showcase the Urban Roof Garden planting technology which adapts to vertical walls of every dimension. Holes in between the plants invited visitors to peak in and discover pictures and videos attached at the back of the wall, featuring further content from the client.

The LED chandelier TNK.01 by Noon Furniture, was featured and carefully positioned to blend into the underground jungle to create a pleasant contrast of technological and natural elements, other than being an attractive photo opportunity for visitors.

Exhibition design for Milan Design Week



Milan Design Week 2019

Brief - Design a space to showcase the winners of Expowanted, the largest Instagram-based product design contest, part of Ventura Future at BASE Milano in Tortona Design District.

Execution - The exhibition took place in a large and busy contest: 90’000 visitors, 12’000sqmt and over 100 designers, schools and brands.
To drive the attention of visitors towards Expowanted, we decided to welcome them in a peaceful and neat white tunnel, made of soft cotton fabric walls.
LED lights running along the perimeter would slowly fade from purple to blue through hues of red, following the brand colours of Expowanted.

3 winners showcased their physical products on custom-made stands coloured in white.
7 winners were presented in printed version, hanging from the ceiling in a neat composition of prints.

A Virtual Reality experience involved visitors in the exploration of a digital apartment featuring the 10 winning products.


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