FLOWBOW - gif art exhibition

 Gif art by Melanie Stirner
 colourful gif by Melanie Stirner

I have seen countless installations and exhibitions claiming to be game-changing and innovative, disrupting the art world as we know it.
Although it's 2017 and I still haven't had the chance to attend a gif art exhibition. Is that too much to ask?

Besides a product design website (and soon to be concept store), we like to think of Haigō as an art gallery as well. For this reason we present you FLOWBOWS the exhibition of Melanie Stirner, graphic and motion artist from Hamburg, Germany.

She gives life to these intriguing and friendly rainbow creatures that float in peace in their deep blue habitat. Soothing and relaxing to watch, scrolling through is better than therapy.

Dive in and make sure to check out her other works on Behance, follow her Instagram and have a look at her full portfolio.

 Melanie Stirner rainbow gif art
 Melanie Stirner wings gif
 Melanie Stirner infinity rainbow gif
 Melanie Stirner spinning gif design
 Melanie Stirner digital art gif
 Melanie Stirner digital art


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 Melanie Stirner spinning colours gif
 Melanie Stirner rainbow rhythmic gifs
 lines to dots minimal fig art
 Melanie Stirner planets gif
 Melanie Stirner fading rainbow gif
 spinning colours gif art
 Gif by Melanie Stirner
 Melanie Stirner gif art
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