Lava rock design sculptures

Coffee table design made of Lava rock by formafantasma

What happens when London based Gallery Libby Sellers decides to collaborate with Italian design studio Formafantasma on a collection created out of lava rocks? 

The objects part of De Natura Fossilium present brutal resembling shapes, neat contrasts of materials and evocative combinations of geometrical and natural rock formations.

Detail of the coffee table by formafantasma
Stool of lava rock and brass by formafantasma
Frontal view of the lava rock stool with brass detail by formafantasma

The flat timepiece of the collection is Monti Silvestri, named after the two hills of debris next to volcano Etna. The clock is deconstructed into 3 objects where one single arms tracks seconds, minutes or hours, and slowly moves the lava sand around the surface.

Triple clock with lava sand by formafantasma
Black clock face by formafantasma


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Obsidian Mirror by formafantasma

The mirror is probably the most metaphysical piece: an ethereal appeal, a perfect balance and a black mirror of obsidian rock.

Detail of the obsidian reflective surface mirror made by formafantasma

The series of decorative bowls reveal the strongest contrasts between shiny brass and the dark raw materials of lava rock.

Artistic bowl made of lava rock and brass
Mix of bowls by formafantasma
Fabio Colturridesign