living in a glossy world

Graphic design by Andreas Wannerstedt

Exploring the world of Andreas Wannerstedt is a journey that begins with confusion and evolves in delight.
His scenarios seem weird, random and completely nonsense at a first look, but the more you dig the more you need them. At a certain point you start craving for such a life made of shiny and smooth surfaces, where everything looks perfect although messy, and colours are so vivid although shapes are pure madness.

Andreas Wannerstedt is a designer & motion graphic artist based in Stockholm, he has been working with the likes of Adidas, Ikea, Coca-Cola, P. Diddy, Ericsson, Absolut Vodka. 

For his full portfolio of works by Andreas check his website or Behance.
Follow him on Instagram for weekly updates.

Computer graphics artwork depicting purple pine trees and marble rings
Andreas Wannerstedt purple series
Surreal computer graphic centerpiece by Andreas Wannerstedt
Surreal centrepiece by Andreas Wannerstedt with smooth curves and glossy surfaces


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Computer graphics artwork of a pink desk with marble objects and black wood accessories
Pink and light green desk with dotted paper and marble home accessories
Three dimensional typography by  Andreas Wannerstedt: letter W in gold
3D typography: computer generated X letter in copper on marble base
Fabio Colturriart