futuristic classics

coffe home brewing set by kamp studio  

Daniel Kamp runs a design company that comes from the future but is a classic already: it goes by the name of KAMP.studio and it's based in New Zeland.

Their objects are made for lovers of the coffee ritual, for the most refined office desks and for women seeking unique jewelry design. All the artefacts come from a combination of 3D printing process and traditional handcraft.
There are 3 notions that drive their design logic: Explorative, Ethical and Elegant.

In love already?
Check out their official shop.

Tea pot set with two cups in black a round shapes
Black espresso cup set by kamp studio 
Round incense burner by kamp studio 


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Triangular pen and pen holder by kamp studio 
Design candle holder with burning candle by kamp studio
Black geometric large harmony vessel by kamp studio 
Fabio Colturridesign