evocative buildings from china

Kris Provoost  architectural photography in China

Kris Provoost takes photographs of buildings in China and makes your head spin from time to time.

In the series Architectural Blues his shots depict a world where time seems to have stopped.
He shows us only a part of each building: how tall, large, big they are we won't know, all we care about is how naturally they merge with the sky, with no need of context or surroundings.

Make sure to check the other works of Kris Provoost.

Blu building in China, pic by Kris Provoost
Stadium picture by Kris Provoost in China
Minimalistic photography by Kris Provoost
Minimal architectural photography in china


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Photo of a geometrical skyscraper in China 
Detail of red Chinese building by Kris Provoost
Minimal photography by Kris Provoost: curvy grey building
Colourful glass building detail by Kris Provoost in China