it's nothing o'clock

 Minimal clock design by  Yicong Lu

Time is a weird entity.

We found that numbers work quite ok to describe it but that's something completely artificial and not poetic at all.
For the countless generations that lived before us, time was only told by the light of the sun, and its shades throughout the day.
Here is a clock that thought of this, combining the instinctive way of telling time with an ultra modern minimalistic design, where numbers are not even necessary anymore: you only need a few lines and the nuances of the clock face.

Enigmatic designer Yicong Lu, whose only reference is the Behance profile, did not release any information regarding the production of Time Of The Day.
We'll wait.

 Yicong Lu minimalistic clock telling the time: 10AM
 Minimalistic clock changes colour during the time of the day
 Clock design by Yicong Lu at 10 pm turning completely dark
 3 clocks by Yicong Lu showing different times of the day and corresponding colours of the face


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 Close up detail of minimal product design clock by Yicong Lu
 Bottom of clock by Yicong Lu
 Side view of minimal clock design by product designer Yicong Lu
Fabio Colturridesign