artificial art by nonotak

light and mirrors installation by NONOTAK STUDIO

NONOTAK is an audiovisual artist duo from with Japanese origin and Parisian residency.

Their works have a distinctive style built on flashy rhythmic neon lights, mirrors, transparent screens, live electronic music performances, polygons and cold tough contrasts, on sound and visual.
The intriguing nature of their language of communication has to be learned to be fully appreciated.

The soundcloud of Takami Nakamoto provides a first hint of the atmosphere.

Besides collaborating with massive brands like Adidas and Hermes the duo took part to huge number of art and music festivals from each part of the world, including Sonar Barcelona, Melbourne Music Week, Playground Festival in Amsterdam and Art Central in Hong Kong.

Check NONOTAK video trailer to see what their works are really about:

Creators Project produced an immersive 360 degree video for their installation HOSHI:

Up next is DAYDREAM V.02, audiovisual installation presented at Insanitus Festival in Kaunas, Lituania - 2013:

Two quick videos of their latest works focus on repetitive geometries, rhythmic lights and sounds:


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Mirror installation by nonotak studio
Live performance setting with smoke  by nonotak studio 
Visual Installation by nonotak studio
Fabio Colturriart, video