hit the pause button on soap bubbles

Soap bubble picture on dark background

There is a captivating attraction and intriguing beauty in things that do not last.
An ephemeral event forces us to focus on its happening, completely capturing our attention while we do not even realise it.

German photographer Björn Ewers is the man behind the project ORBITAL where he reveals all those details we do not notice when normally looking at soap bubbles.
All the nuances, intense colours and weird shapes are finally fixed to observe and admire as much as you need.

More works by Björn Ewers from his STUDIO314.

red and purple soap bubble
bubble pic on dark background 
Set photography of soap bubbles


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Red and purple soap bubble pic with weird shape
Funny shaped soap bubble on black background
Green soap bubble photo
Perfectly round soap bubble
Fabio Colturriphotography