coworking in the forest

View from the top of the main room of co working space second home in Lisbon

Any mess you made, whatever problem just came up or issue you need to solve, move your eyes away from the screen of your laptop, take your hands off the keyboard and do as follows:

  1. Look around you.
  2. Realise you are still sitting in the middle of a forest.
  3. Take a breath, and chill.

Second Home is a co-working space that opened in Lisbon in 2017: there are over 1000 plants under this roof. They offer weekly or monthly deals starting from €350 for a desk.

The effect is overwhelming, enclosing and ridiculously relaxing at the same time.
Are you asking yourself why your work desk still doesn't look as green?
Don't worry, that's completely normal, you have two choices now:

  1.  Go buy dozens of plants and pots to surround your workstation and make your very own personal jungle.
  2. Find a good reason not to book a flight for Lisbon and a desk at Second Home.
Angular view of the co working floor at second home in Lisbon
Plant filled co working space in the center of Lisbon
A desk at Second Home, surrounded by plants


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View from a desk at plant filled co working space in Lisbon 
Bar at second home lisboa
Colourful bar of second home in lisboa