surrender to the beats

Blitz Club in Munich by Studio Knack

An enclosing space, completely absorbing your presence, it drowns you deep inside and you are deliberately abandoning yourself to a wonderful abduction. This interiors-induced Stockholm-syndrome takes place in Blitz Club, Munich - Germany, designed by Studio Knack and Simon Vorhammer.

600sqm are divided in two dancefloors and a bar area, where each element of the interior is functional for acoustic purposes while contributing to its aesthetics.

In the first room, non-parallel and geometrical shapes on the wooden walls break sound reflections to ensure great sound quality.

The second room has a strong character, featuring a 25m wall developed through a generative algorithm which creates a never-repeated unique pattern. These acoustic panels were designed by KOOR.

Warm ambience, modern lines and a high quality sound system: Blitz Club deserves to be explored with your finest senses.

Pictures by Simon Vorhammer.

Modern and warm night club Blitz Club
Nightclub interior design by Studio Knack
Bar design for Blitz Club
Wall pattern design
Unique wall pattern design for nightclub interior