I was eaten by an artwork

 Rashid Johnson modern art installation

Walk in, breathe, smell and look around.

There's nothing better than a work of art that you can eat you whole and absorb you entirely. Rashid Johnson is an artist from Chicago, the mind behind these pleasantly overwhelming installations. A compact wunderkammer made of jungle and unexpected objects, where the contrast between the black metal blocks of the cage and the flourishing nature is blissful and harmonic.

What you see comes from the exhibition "Islands", at David Kordansky Gallery in Los Angeles, 2013, and from the installation "Within Our Gates"  at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, 2016.

Photography, Alexey Naroditsky. Courtesy of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

 explorable modern art installation with and seating space in the middle
 view from the top of Rashid Johnson's installation with carpets, seating, greenery and a black metal structure
 entrance of the explorable art installation
 mixed media art by Rashid Johnson combining plants, pots and small sculptures

this was so good,
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 green pyramid art installation
 Close up on the objects included in Rashid Johnson modern art installation: a small tv and speakers
 Pic of the artist Rashid Johnson standing in front of his installation
Fabio Colturriart