Indoor or outdoor Or who cares?

 living room of a house by Mork Ulnes Architects with tropical plants inside

Besides brutal skyscrapers and pollution, humans are also capable of building artefacts that perfectly merge with nature, or where nature is perfectly welcomed, depending on the point view.

This is the case with the Meier Road complex built in Sebastapol, California by Mork Ulnes Architects, that turned an old barn into an artist studio where greenery is both surrounding and implanted in the structure.

© 2016 Bruce Damonte Photography + Mork Ulnes Architects

 view of the interior of the living room with tropical plants coming off the floor
 living room and dinner table of a tropical home with concrete walls by Mork Ulnes Architects
 reading room with wall library and art works
 garden of the tropical house designed by Mork Ulnes Architects

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 areal view of the old barn turned into a house and the garden, project by Mork Ulnes Architects