a maze of random places

Pic by Øystein Aspelund in Norway

A photographer based in Norway brings you on a journey exploring the sensation of “getting lost”.

An eclectic mixture where different pictures convey similar feelings from time to time, while spanning through emotions of surprise, confusion, awe and relaxation.

He called it “a maze of random places”, and you are walking in now.

Check Øystein Aspelund’s website for more.

Nature photography by Øystein Aspelund
Futuristic interior with view on naure
Photography of abandoned ruins in the nature by Øystein Aspelund
Soothing picture of see through curtains in front of trees


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Orange sky and green trees
Pic of straight path in the ice
Gigantic electricity pylon in the snow
Picture of a lunar scenario by Øystein Aspelund in Norway
Fabio Colturriphotography