the silent subway

Nick Frank photography of subways

Travelling in subways is a part of our daily life. It is more of a need rather than a choice for us used to the hectic city life. But can we connect with the places we pass through everyday? Do we even notice them? We might be too busy to acknowledge their beauty and character.

Munich based photographer Nick Frank captures the essence of subway stations around the world when they are calm and free of human flow. He describes them as the most creative places.

Before his career as a photographer, Nick was a graphic designer. He worked to reduce all the possible distractions and focus only on the main subject . A similar approach is found in his photography style .

Take a moment to rediscover those spaces through the eyes of Nick.

Underground subway photography
Staircase in perspective
Lampshades in subway stations
Escalators in subway stations
Nick Frank photography series of subways


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Minimalist picture of subway station.
Architecture photography of subway station
Fabio Colturriphotography