learn from google maps to take pics

unusual view from google maps of nature

Google Maps is running for the National Geographic pic of the year? Nah, it's a Russian dude who screenshots the view of unusual landscapes from the skies of Russia, Australia, Iceland, Greenland, Myanmar and Antarctica, from Google Maps.

Putting together the info on the web, Abstract Logic is a talented graphic designer with a minimalist modern touch, based in Moscow and with a team in Tokyo.
Mysterious? Random? Or maybe just the perfect premises to generate such a simple yet intriguing project. He also suggests an ambient music track that perfectly accompanies the pictures, give it a go.

aerial view of sand dunes
night view of stones from above
picture of river formation taken from space
contrast of colours in aerial picture from space


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lake in the desert photographed from above
dark grey and green rivers flowing and merging
glacier entering the sea from space
Fabio Colturriart