what is a vase?

Minimal flower composition by Carl Kleiner

What comes to your mind if you hear the word "vase"?

Because we love the disruption of basic concepts and uncommon points of view, we present you the Posture Vases collection by designer Carl Kleiner developed with the innovative marble brand Bloc Studios.

All pieces have a minimalistic touch, using just two materials at the time and straight sleek lines, contrasting with the explosive natural complexity of the flowers.
But what should be a vase made for, if not to exalt the beauty of its flowers?

Minimalistic flower design with marble bases and steel
Tulip composition on grey background by Carl Kleiner 
Carl Kleiner Posture Vases series

Sneak peek behind the scenes of the photo shooting:


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Carl Kleiner posture vases on marble bckground
Flower design by Carl Kleiner
Modern minimalistic marble vases
Marble vase and flower design on yellow background 
Carl Kleiner presents the posture vases collection
Fabio Colturriart, design