video: destroy all you see and feel better

 interactive installation by Doug Aitken

An interactive art installation presented with a 76 seconds trailer. It looks like a new episode of Black Mirror and you can be part of it.
If you are like us, you are falling in love already.

1 room, white plain modern furniture, bulletproof glass and soothing plants surrounding the room. Watch the video below, it explains better than anything:

Artist Doug Aitken, presents his latest work, The Garden, at the Aarhus Art Museum in Denmark.

The setting is so simply yet impactful, so normal yet unusual and somehow surreal. Leaving art aside for a moment, making such concept compulsory once a week for everyone living in towns with 2 million inhabitants or more, I believe would make the world a better place.

 the new modern art installation by  Doug Aitken  presents a white room to be destroyed by the guest
 frontal view of the installation featuring white furniture to be smashed by the visitor and beautiful plants surrounding the glass room


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