hamburg minimal

high contrasted pic of Hamburg building with green background

From the stories I heard, I always imagined Hamburg as a grey, plain, German city where you could only find white collar workers.
Then Ali Sahba came.

The artist welcomes us in a parallel dimension of the city with his minimalistic photography series. Bright colours and strong contrasts. Maybe that's the kind of the town I would enjoy.

To see more works by Ali Sahba, check out his portfolio on and his website, the pictures are available for purchase.

Pic by Ali Sahba of Hamburg with pink sky
Pic by Ali Sahba of yellow residential building in Hamburg
Minimalistic picture of colourful building in Hamburg with green sky
Minimal pic of Ali Sahba took in Hamburg at sunset


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Red round building in hamburg with green sky on the background
Blue crystal palace in hamburg
Purple sail building in Hamburg with yellow sky