from waste powders to furniture and beyond

 stool made with nylon powder and sand

Studio Ilio is a London based design company that created one of the most innovative manufacturing processes ever seen. Mixing science and art, adding a hint of randomness to a well thought approach, they produce furniture with innovative shapes, and the magic is not over yet.

Watch the video to discover this mesmerising process:

A nichrome wire is shaped, placed in a box filled with powder and heated. The powder is a mixture of nylon - waste from SLS 3d printing companies - and sand, which solidifies around the wire creating a beautiful, irregular, thick coating.

 two white stools made with innovative additive manufacturing technique
 modern white coffee table made with unique manufacturing technique by studio ilio
 white modern rack furniture made of sand and nylon poweder
 production process of additive technique with hot wire and sls machine waste


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 lamp made of sls waste powders
 black lamp made with innovative additive manufacturing by studio ilio
Fabio Colturridesign, video