We design spaces, craft moods and produce emotions.

We create the “box” to convey your message and entertain people, whether they are B2C customers, B2B clients, visitors or friends.

We create memories through unique moments and unexpected details.
Our trained taste in the choice of shapes and materials is now available for your next project.




Retail is dead and born again: today’s clients need to buy emotions before purchasing products.

We design stores to live in first person, made to create involving experiences, to entertain and to produce intense emotions.

Unique spaces, where each detail is tuned to represent your brand at its best and gain a special spot in your customer’s mind.

People talk about whatever makes them feel good: our spaces generate a natural Word of Mouth, encouraging customers to return and share their experience with friends and loved ones.

We push customers to actively interact with the brand and to be present in the space they enter, fixing that moment in their memory.


Haigō Store

The Haigō Store was designed and built by ourselves.
It has two contrasting atmospheres: one is minimal and refined, one is rough and unfinished. The first one represents the high-end positioning of the brand and creates an enclosing atmosphere through the use of dark tones and a bouncy rubber floor. The second part is a living construction yard: a spatial representation of evolution and perpetual transformation, essential values for Haigō, leading the brand on its journey.

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