"Your purpose is one” - They said.
They told me what my destiny was and pushed me towards it.
I almost got convinced, but all of a sudden: I was rejected.
I was called an outcast. I was waste.

Then she arrived: “Your flaws make you unique my dear,  I’ll turn your flaws into strengths.”
She saw a different purpose in me, she saw us.
And together we shine ever since.


POIEIN - Traditional Murano blown glass meets modern 3D printed polygons.


Italian glass blowing techniques date back to 1200 dc, when Murano (Venice) becomes the most specialised and prolific center for artisan glassmakers. The tradition never faded: until today Venetian glass is the most precious and exceptionally crafted in the world.


During the process of blowing glass, any flaw in the making results in the piece being thrown away.

But we see beauty in imperfection: our flaws make us unique, our scars make us real.


Italian designer Anita Agelucci and 3D printing professional Salvatore Saldano co-designed Poiein: a modern design sculpture where contrasting aesthetics and materials merge into singular ensembles.


Traditional crafts and craftsmen of the future

Each Poiein is unique: it has its very own flaw and name, colour and size.

The 3D printed polygonal structure is modelled around the blown glass with a custom made software.

This is a process of digital craftsmanship: each piece the support is designed, tested and 3D printed in order to perfectly fit the round shape.

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