We design spaces, craft moods and produce emotions.
We create the “box” to convey your message and entertain people, whether they are B2C customers, B2B clients, visitors or friends.
We create memories through unique moments and unexpected details.
Our trained taste in the choice of shapes and materials is now available for your next project.


Haigō identifies a unique style of design objects and home accessories inspired by the nordic refined aesthetics, geometric and minimal, simple and always high quality.

Our workflow:

  1. We prepare a selection of objects out of our catalogue basing on your brief
  2. You decide either to rent or buy the items
  3. We arrange your set basing on its purpose

Our objects can be used to arrange sets for:

  • Photo shootings
  • Fashion/Design editorials
  • Photo and video advertisements
  • TV programs
  • Residential interiors
  • Commercial interiors: restaurants, hotels, SPAs, retail stores

Our range of products and props spans between:

  • Home accessories and decoration
  • Lighting
  • Plants and vases
  • Stationery
  • Technology
  • Kitchen and tableware

These are some of the objects in our catalogue and currently in stock:
is there anything you like?

For inquiries about Styling & Visual Merchandising services
reach out to:
Fabio Colturri
phone: +39 366 137 03 54
email - wow@haigo.space